April 21st 2011 Interview on CBS Radio 880 New York City:

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The 212 area code has been generating buzz for a long time. In fact, features about the popularity of the area code – and mentions of this website – have been popping up all over the place. An August 18, 2010 Wall Street Journal blog post includes quotes from several people who profess to wanting their very own 212 phone numbers; according to the piece, Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley “admits to coveting a 212 himself.” Another person in the piece notes, “When I see a 212 I think it’s established and legit.” The same post features a quote by 212 Area Code’s very own David Day


Anyone, anywhere can now get a 212 area code in The Wall Street Journal _ in The New York Times

That blog post kick-started a renewed interest in 212 numbers. The Atlantic quickly covered the trend and gave a nod to as well. The Village Voice opines, “. . .212 area codes are the techy rich kid thing.” The Gothamist notes that you “[Should] consider yourself very cool if you’re one of the few New Yorkers who managed to snag a 212 area code on your cell phone,” since it means that “you were here before 646 hit.” in The NY Daily News _ in The New York Times Magazine

It’s clear that people like to talk about their fondness for 212 phone numbers. As noted in several of these news pieces, however, coming by a 212 number naturally is exceedingly rare. Once a number is given up, it goes “off the market” for 60 days. This is highlighted in the WSJ piece: “Typically, when a customer cancels a 212 number, it’s taken out of rotation for 60 days, per FCC regulations.” is highlighted in several of these articles as an alternative to crossing your fingers and hoping for a 212 phone number. In the comments section of the Gothamist article, John L.commented, “You can buy one for $45.” He was clearly referring to in The Atlantic _ in The Huffington Post

As people spread the word about the growing 212 area code phenomenon, it got picked up and passed along by even more news websites. Mega-popular news and content aggregating website Huffington Post shared the WSJ with its huge readership on the same day that the original story was posted. The New York Times also got into the act with an August 20 post. in The Village Voice _ in The NY Gothamist

While the comments sections of these and other online articles feature varying opinions about the merits of buying a 212 area code, the overwhelming majority of people seem to understand its appeal. Considering the fact that continues to do a very brisk business, it’s clear that the popularity of this elusive area code is far from over. If anything, it will become even more coveted and hard-to-find.

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