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Approaching our seventh year in business, 212areacode.com is proud to be your premier source for top-quality 212 telephone numbers. We’ve already supplied countless businesses and individuals with a wide array of 212 phone numbers and are excited to help many more in the future! If you’re checking out this About Us page, you’re probably curious about our company and the 212 area code in general. You can learn more about how our business works – and why the 212 area code is so great – by checking out the information below!

What We Do

Our business model is simple: We match people and organizations up with quality 212 phone numbers. How do we do that? By locating those numbers and making them available through our website. Confused? Don’t be! Buying service with a 212 phone number is simple.

We currently offer 212 phone numbers in three categories: standard, business and exclusive. Depending on your needs, and your budget, we’re sure to have a 212 number that’s right for you. Browse through our selection by flipping through our easy-to-navigate menus. When you see a number that catches your eye, simply add it to your cart. Once you’ve paid for your purchase, we’ll provide you with an account that includes 100 minutes of call forwarding. Additionally, if you wish to port the number to your carrier we’ll give you clear, specific instructions on porting it to your hosted PBX, VoIP or cell phone – it couldn’t be easier!

About 212 Phone Numbers

There are plenty of reasons for the resounding success of 212areacode.com. Most importantly, we make subscribing to a 212 number service easy. You never have to worry about monthly fees – your number is yours to keep. We offer a money-back guarantee, too, because we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with your results. When you throw in how easy it is to buy and port 212 numbers, you’ll quickly see why so many people are snapping them up.

About the 212 Area Code

What’s in an area code? When it comes to the 212 area code, quite a lot; Phone numbers that begin with these three simple digits are automatically afforded a great deal of respect and prestige. The 212 area code made its debut back in 1947; it was selected for a number of reasons that mostly had to do with the ease of dialing “2-1-2″ on rotary phones. Back then, the 212 area code was a practical choice; today, it’s a premium choice.

More than fifty years since its debut, the 212 area code – which originates in a prime portion of Manhattan – has become a phenomenon in the worlds of business and popular culture. Businesses and individuals alike can benefit from having phone numbers that begin with the numbers 2-1-2.

Exciting News in the World of 212areacode.com

We’re always developing new and exciting ideas for 212 phone numbers. We’ve made waves in the world of news, too, by being featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Recently, we celebrated our second year in business. In the future, you can expect more of the same – and even better features – at 212areacode.com. Check back often!

New York City Manhattan 212 Area Code Map (from WhitePages.com)

New York City Manhattan 212 Area Code Map

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